Fionn Zarubica Learn [FZL] participates consciously in making education accessible to everyone regardless of race, gender, gender identity, orientation, marital status, age, belief, ancestry, citizenship, education level, unique physical challenges or the ability to meet the cost of tuition. All requests for consideration of need-based financial aid are carefully reviewed and every effort is made to assist qualified applicants who would benefit from support.

Financial Aid Criteria

Financial need.

Admittance to FZL programs is merit based and at the sole discretion of FZL and its staff.

No student will be turned away for financial reasons.  

Personal Contribution – Investing In Yourself!

Every student who receives financial aid is expected to make a contribution to his or her own tuition.  The amount of that contribution is up to the student to determine, depending on what he or she can afford.  FZL will not suggest an amount.

All student contributions must be received in full prior to the first day of the designated program to guarantee admission.

All financial aid discussions and agreements will be kept strictly confidential and every student will be considered equally.

Other Sources Of Funding 

Applicants are encouraged to look for scholarships in their own countries – from state institutions, foundations and other sponsors. Financial aid from FZL will only cover tuition.  If relevant, participants will be responsible for paying for their own accommodations, meals, and travel.

Participation Requirements

All financial aid recipients are required to attend and participate in the full designated program while maintaining the high standards of that program. Early withdrawal or expulsion from the program will forfeit the student’s contribution.

Financial Aid Notification

Applicants will be notified by email of our decision on or after the enrollment deadline for their designated program.

If Financial Aid Is Awarded

Applicants will be notified of the amount of the award and provided with a coupon code.  At that time the applicant may apply to the program at Fionn Zarubica Learn using the coupon code on the checkout page.  Once the student’s contribution has been received they will be given access to their program.

If Financial Aid Is Not Awarded

Each application is considered on its own merits taking into account available funding and class size.  Applicants who have been denied financial aid are welcome to re-apply when the program is offered again or to any other program.

Denial of financial aid is circumstantial and does not necessarily reflect on the qualifications of the applicant.