Collections Management Training Program Onsite

9 Deaths of a Curator – How to Be(come) More Relevant was a terrific course that has given me an opportunity to investigate more profoundly the mechanisms of curatorial practice. Through a series of practical tasks, that included overcoming the framework of  academic thinking, encouragement of personal expression while touching on the sphere of cultural management, Nikola Krstović, and Fionn Zarubica provided us with applicable knowledge that will find its use in the near future when we create the conditions for the developing projects that would encourage the public to engage in a new cultural atmosphere.

It was a pleasure learning from the experts, who are so deeply committed to their alumni. Constant feedback, that our mentors provided us with, which included practical remarks with great understanding of the personal affinities of each student, has been an enjoyable experience and an inspiration.

Jelena Marković

9 Deaths of a Curator – How to be (come) More Relevant is a must have course for people who need to know how to organize a good exhibition and to make a valid project. I learned a lot about myself and about my profession as a curator.  I realize more than ever how museums can become important to people, and how a curator can be more relevant. Nikola Krstović is a wonderful teacher; he tought me so much and I owe him a great deal.

Marija Pokrajac

Amazing course! Charismatic Nikola Krstovic was more than a lecturer. For a short period of time, he became our life mentor who showed us the ways of understanding more of our personal being in order to interpret the sense of a culture and exhibition content that contributed to our effectiveness and ideas quality.

9 Deaths Of A Curator: How To Be(come) More Relevant was an infinite source of new experiences and fresh thoughts, truthful support and amazing people.


Not to miss! This course opened a new door for me to yet undiscovered secrets of the museum experience. Pure interconnection of learning and joy!

Milica Naumov

The Collections Management Certification Program 2013- 2014, which I had the privilege to be a part of, was a precious experience. During this course I had the chance to learn and grow, not only professionally, but also on a private level.

Attending the CMCP proved to be just what a young and unexperienced museum professional like me needed In order to gain the real insight into what my job should look like. What is more, CMCP made it much more clear to me how I should approach and deal with various situations and problems at work professionally and with integrity.

Fionn Zarubica led us through the course sharing her knowledge and expertise in such a way that, while giving us concrete information on certain topics, and simple, but precise assignments, she also managed to make us learn from each other and from ourselves. She helped us question our own methods of work and learn to become more precise, effective, and responsible in whatever we do.

Jana Vujnović

I had the pleasure to be a part of the 2013/14 Collections Management Certification Program [CMCP] class held in the Central Institution for Conservation [CIK] in Belgrade by Fionn Zarubica. CMCP is a course through which people who work in institutions of culture, as well as artists and others, can learn some new perspectives and points of view about their profession and the people involved. Fionn's tremendous enthusiasm and knowledge in her field of work, as well as her fantastic ability to successfully communicate with us, made this course fun and exciting even in its most dry topics.

Dragana Đurđević

Participating in the Collections Management Certification Program 2014 – 2015, was a unique experience and gave me an opportunity to better perceive the museum profession. Through this program, I learned how through our own work we can influence the museum profession in positive manner and contribute to its further progress.

This program and Fionn Zarubica, as its founder, gave all participants insight into a completely different museum world than the one that exists in the Balkans. The knowledge acquired during the program is invaluable, not only for those just entering the world of museum professionals, but also for those who have long been part of it. It gives tools to change museums and cultural institutions for the better. Fionn Zarubica inspires her students about their work and encourages their passion.

For those who seek professional development this program is a must.

Jelena Bratonožić

During the Collections Management Certification Program, I learned a lot of things very useful for my everyday work. We learned about the latest innovations in the museum work, concerning collections management, preventive conservation, equipment and materials used, and exhibition standards. Also, I made friends for life and met a lot of people I still cooperate with. The Collections Management Certification Program was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Angelina Banković

The Collections Management Certification Program was such an exceptional compound of theoretical and practical knowledge, which was not limited to museums and galleries only, but also included the domain of culture in general. This program offered me a whole new perspective on the museum profession: I have been learning from an expert, became familiar with contemporary methodology and acquired current information about the museum and culture sphere worldwide. Learning about universal museum standards of protection, preservation, conservation, the promotion of art and their implementation into our environment was some of the most important knowledge I gained. The CMCP is a unique opportunity for people engaged in museums and especially for young students of various orientations connected to the art and culture.

Ana Samardžić

Fionn Zarubica's Collections Management Certification Program was a life changing and enlightening experience for me, professionally as well as privately. It was a great pleasure and privilege to be part of such an amazing course, to learn from someone who has great and wonderful experience, knowledge and love for art, museums and teaching in general.

Mila Borak

The meaning of this course struck me a bit later. While learning about the technicalities of how to be a collections manager, I was acquiring some skills and getting familiar with concepts packed subversively into the format of formal lectures. But not in the same formal way how it is conducted in Serbia.

And how this program affected my life? Well, the effects are still showing up, and it is the whole beauty of those three months of the program.

When the puzzles started fitting in place, I started seeing Fionn Zarubica more like a life coach than a teacher. She gave me a brilliant insight on how to deal with situations, both professional and private.

Dušan Savić

From November 2014 to May 2015, I was participating in the Collections Management Certification Program, led by Mrs. Fionn Zarubica. It was joyful experience for me. During this period of time I learned and questioned things about protecting and preserving national heritage and works of art.

The classes were dynamic, with lots of facts, presented in an interesting way, and also with some practical work. The special treats were our visits to museums, galleries and the Royal Palace. This was great opportunity to connect to museum professionals and to learn more about the every day functioning of these institutions.

Mrs. Zarubica is a wonderful lady who manages to make the learning process so easy and fun. In this program I also made some great friends. I do recommend this program to all museum, and gallery professionals and art lovers.

Thank you Fionn for this amazing experience.

Snežana Vidojević

I am a curator who attended The Collections Management Certification Program, in Belgrade Serbia, 2015. which has been organized by The Fionn Zarubica Foundation For Art And Culture and supported by the US Embassy in Belgrade. I am writing a short testimonial for this course to encourage the interested people from the museum and heritage protection institutions and students who aspire to enter this profession, to attend it.

The Collections Management Certification Program was realized through the period of eleven weeks, partialized into three sessions, through the course of a year. Each session was dealing with the complexity of a wide variety of collections problematics. The initial phase was primarily focused on the essential issues of the problem of care of collections, within institutions. Afterwards, during the Session II, we had interesting practical exercises in working with objects and theoretical public aspects of collections through exhibitions and loans, in the last segment, in Session III, we received a significant insight into the system of protecting and preserving museological treasures. The thematic approach was fundamentally based on preventive conservation, art registration methods, secure art handling, packing, storing, transportation, and creative exhibition planning, mount making, installation and de-installation. The participants of the course were from different professional backgrounds, so it was a really precious experience to collaborate with them and exchange ideas. What inspired me the most was the fact that I received constant relevant feedback, on a daily basis, about my developing in various domains, from my professor Fionn Zarubica. At the end, all participants received a professional certification, which is a valuable, and a deeply motivating acknowledgement of qualifications for implementing valid solutions in diverse spheres, in international institutions.

Neda Radoicić

My first and final impressions of Ms. Zarubica's course were the same as what I had hoped for.  In three words: encouraging, enthusiastic and enlightening.  Her in-depth knowledge of the subject material, careful and systematic approach and most importantly her utmost commitment to each and every participant on the course pushed this course to the top of the best and most useful courses I have ever attended. The obtained knowledge and experiences are milestones for my future commitment to the subject material from the course for which Ms. Zarubica should be praised.  There are only a few courses that can be recommended to all interested and Ms. Zarubica's course is certainly on top of all of them.

Nevena Maksimović

The program improved my knowledge of how museums work, and introduced me to a new and advanced system of work dynamics inside a museum and the role of a collections manager.

Fionn is an exceptional teacher and expert, and she excellently conveyed her practical knowledge and experience to students.

I look forward to each following group that successfully completes this course!

Tanja Lošić

Collection Management Program was one of the best professional experiences I have ever had. Not only that I had the opportunity to learn practically through hands-on trainings, but I also met a lot of interesting co-workers with whom I was able to interchange skills, experiences and knowledge. We also learned a lot through lectures about the contemporary international standards of museum work. Lectures were presented in a creative manner and often would end up with a lively but respectable discussion. Collection Management is an important museum profession but unfortunately does not exist in Serbia (yet). That is why this program was so valuable to me, since I think that I could not learn all this here in Serbia if it wasn`t for this program and the instructor – Fionn Zarubica.

Anđela Milinković

Three months of gaining the advanced knowledge, both theoretical and practical, offered me many new perspectives on museum and collections organization practices, their policies and programs. They were followed by many visual examples, written or discussed, and assignments, and articles referring to class topics. The program also offered visits to all places of interest where, while in the physical spaces of the museums, private collections, galleries and archives, we could debate about our current concerns; where we could focus on a variety of aspects from risk management to object care, exhibition and installation. Further, we had the opportunity to compare good and bad museum practices worldwide.

Julija Bašić

Aida Salketić

I am currently part of the 2015 – 2016 generation of the Collections Management Certification Program. In this course we are taught very useful and applicable tools for handling and taking care of museum collections. Fionn Zarubica is a great, supportive teacher who does not only transfer knowledge with the highest possible generosity, but also creates a learning environment that is safe and supportive. Apart from teaching and training us on a professional level, Fionn has been also empowering and guiding us through important self-reflective, habit-changing processes. Her holistic approach to the topic of Collections Management as a profession is something I would recommend to all museum colleagues in the region, regardless of their age and level of experience.

Jasmina Mijić

Although I heard about this program before from trustworthy professionals, and expected the best from it, my personal firsthand experience exceeded any of my assumptions and expectations in the most positive way. Professor Zarubica transfers her extensive knowledge and rich experience in a clear, interesting and challenging way. She guides her students towards a high level of qualification and expertise, and pushes their boundaries, both on a professional and personal level. Classes take place in the pleasant and friendly American Corner, which has many attractive educational programs and resources. Overall, I am very satisfied, proud and grateful to be here, and I highly recommend it.

Ljudmila Djukić

Through the Collections Management Certification Program I have learned valuable information specific to the museum practice that was unavailable to me in other courses I took, and generally in my country. The lectures are a perfect balance of theory and practical methods, and prepare us to become qualified professionals as well as knowledgeable and skilled museum employees. I truly enjoy all the activities of the program and the pleasant environment of the American Corner where I deeply appreciate the helpful staff."

Ana Novaković

Being part of the Collections Management Certification Program 2015-2016 has given me the opportunity to obtain all the necessary and practical knowledge about the work and functioning of museums. I am very pleased to be a part of such a program with a wonderful professor, Fionn Zarubica, and wonderful colleagues from whom I have learned a lot.

Marija Pokrajac

The Collections Management Certification Program is one of the best programs that I have had the privilege to attend. Not only am I growing on a professional level, but I have changed my perspective as a person too.  Having a teacher who shares her knowledge and success with her students is the real key to why this course is a life-changing experience for every student who participates in it. I am so happy that I have the opportunity to learn how practice and theory can work together in museums, and most of all how we can do everything when we work as a team. Thank you Fionn Zarubica!

Jelena Vasić Derimanović

The Collections Management Certification Program is a unique, new and genuine perspective of work in museums. The experiences and knowledge that I gotten so far are very precious to me. Fionn teaches us selflessly in a completely different way from what we are used to, and this gives a special seal to CMCP. She gives us tools and skills for further work. The program should be required for all professionals and aspiring professionals. I enjoy being one of the participants in CMCP.

Bojana Božić

Participating in the Collections Management Certification Program 2015-2016 is a great experience, which gives me both practical knowledge about museum jobs and personal guidance. This course is held in the American Corner, where professional and generous employees make an even better atmosphere for us to learn in. Fionn Zarubica, through her assignments, teaches us how to be professionals in the world of museums and how to manage with all potential problems in that field. The tools she has given us already have helped us and will continue to help us to work on ourselves and therefore to work in our professions.


The “Collection Management Certification Program” is an educational course highly needed in Southeastern Europe. It provides and systematizes knowledge that could not be gathered even through years of work on preserving art objects within the local setting. Relevant terminology in English, which brings us one step closer to the latest museum practices in the world, is another useful tool this program has to offer. The greatest advantage of the course is, of course, the rich and incredible experience Fionn Zarubica has in this field, especially precious for improving the students’ skills. It also emphasizes the importance of reasonable and responsible actions and the need for a conscious and strong community. It enables connecting with colleagues employed in the institutions of culture and forming a net of educated and hence more successful people working with art. Therefore, it offers the opportunity for professional growth on a personal and global level.


The Collections Management Certification Program 2015-2016 is truly great experience, that has been teaching me a lot, both on a professional and personal level. The added bonus is that the class is held in the American Corner, a very welcoming and user-friendly place, where it has been easy to learn, but also have fun and make true friends with other classmates. What stands out the most for me is Fionn Zarubica's approach to teaching, her dedication and connection to us as students and incredibly rich course content. I think this course is essential for anyone working or thinking of working in museum or cultural institution, because of the breadth and quality of information Fionn Zarubica shares, as well as her ability to inspire everyone to be a better student, better professional, and ultimately a better person

Ivana Zdravković

I applied for The Collections Management Certification Program 2015-2016 [CMCP] with no expectations in my mind. Now, after the second session, I can state that this program has brought some fresh air and renewed my hope that things may change. I see Fionn's mission in Serbia as one of great importance.  It brings a professional approach among colleagues and, above all, it changes people's mindsets. Fionn works with great enthusiasm and persistence, which is difficult to maintain without serious support. Professionals in Serbia can do nothing but benefit from CMCP and this will bring positive change in the long run, I am sure, if only CMPC can continue to exist here.

Exceptional In Many Ways

Participation in the Collections Management for Costume & Textiles Online program 2015/2016 was exceptional in many ways. The program gave me the complete overview of tasks related to collections management based on procedures, recognized sources and good practices for museums. Though I was experienced in heritage protection, I not only improved my professional standards and ethics but I also learned how to focus on relevant issues. Besides, I upgraded my writing and communication skills.

The program was held online, so the forum served as a classroom. Still, there were dynamic discussions on the issues of the week and I learned from very interesting posts on each day of the program. I have not met friends from the group yet, but I hope I will.

What I also admired about the program, is that I could implement what I learned almost instantly – in professional or everyday situations.

Mirjana Brzaković

One of the greatest study experiences I have ever had…

The Collections Management for Costume & Textiles Online program has been one of the greatest study experiences I have ever had. Through it one can gain huge amounts of theoretical and practical knowledge and information. But, far more than this, one can gain the aptitude to think and act in real situations, the logic of academic research, a global view of the situations of the institution in other parts of the world, formal writing style and reflection on professionalism and ethics.

Fionn Zarubica is fabulous! She provides most helpful studying materials, and most insightful comments and guidance, shaping your professional mind firmly but patiently.

It is also a great pleasure to exchange with classmates, getting familiar with each other, and obtaining different points of view and thinking modes.

Certainly participating in the course means putting in lots of effort but it absolutely pays off.

Yijia Shen

A Great Opportunity to Share

The jobs of textile and a costume curators, conservators or collections managers are much more than just loving fashion and being interested in it. These professionals are also responsible to preserve for the future a large number of very fragile objects, in different conditions that are often far from perfect and favorable. The Collections Management for Costume & Textiles Online program offered me the possibility to learn lot of important and useful things related to collections care that will help me to use existing resources more efficiently in my future work. I also had a great opportunity to share precious experiences and views with a group of very dedicated people. I sincerely recommend to all my colleagues who work with textile and costume collections to take this course.

Draginja Maskareli

A Wonderful Experience

This course was a wonderful experience that not only allowed me to expand my knowledge in the field of Costume and Textiles but also to meet great people who shared their experience and knowledge during the course. Fionn is a magnificent instructor, very knowledgeable, patient and fun.

Whoever wants to develop and improve their skills and knowledge in this area, should definitely attend this course.

Jelena Bratanožic

Highly Recommended

The Collections Management for Costume & Textiles Online program is a highly recommended course due to interesting, useful, updated and full content. In spite of being an online course, the instructor’s knowledge, dedication and enthusiasm are a constant so every doubt is resolved and good humor is always present. Daily work is necessary, but the Course is so well organized that it is possible to combine it with job or studies. If you have the opportunity, do not miss out it.

Noa Quinteiro Carrera

A Dynamic Program Indeed

The Collections Management for Costume and Textiles Online was a dynamic program indeed. This was the first time I enrolled in an online learning platform and I can say it was really exciting. The best feature of the program was that it compounded clear lessons, information, reading, writing, research and practical work in costume and textile field. One of the greatest challenges, but also the most exciting thing for me, was to define some terms from this discipline, so it should be informative, professional and reduced to its essence, due to word limit. Museum or gallery research was also challenging and fun, as we should have apply gained knowledge on a concrete task and introduce other colleagues with our conclusions. Working with group of professionals from different countries of the world, hearing their experiences and mutually sharing information about costume and textiles, but also museum and culture practice in general, was a real treat. Constant feedback, both from professor Zarubica and other colleagues, was distinct part of this course. I would recommend this program to any current or future museum worker, conservator or student. 

Ana Samardžić

An Unforgettable Experience

Participating in the Collections Management for Costume & Textiles Online program 2015-2016, was for me an unforgettable experience that I would recommend to all who are interested in art, its management and conservation. It gave me the opportunity to understand and investigate many aspects of the profession that I did not know, giving me a methodology and a broader view of how to best carry out my work. All this was made even more unique by the teacher Fionn Zarubica who was able to transmit her knowledge and experience to all participants with a lot of generosity and attention to each individual student, as only a good teacher can do. For me it was an opportunity for growth both as a professional and a human, because I had the opportunity to share more than three months my life with a group of wonderful people!

Barbara Santoro

An Opportunity to Grow on a Professional Level

After taking and successfully finishing the Collections Management Certification Program in 2015, the Collections Management for Costume and Textiles Online program was the next logical step in my career path. This course gave me the opportunity to grow on a professional level experiencing an outstanding level of mentorship provided by Fionn Zarubica, and through the interaction with the lovely people with whom I attended this course.

The form of interesting, substantial, yet brief lectures in the combination with clear and applicable tasks proved to be an excellent concept for a learning platform.

The knowledge I have gained through this program, to me as an inexperienced future museum professional is of a great value, due to its overcoming of the established and implementing up to date practice in the collections management vocation, all in order to better understand and preserve a costume and textile collection.

I would recommend this course to anyone who is pursuing the career in the museum business.

Jelena Marković

A Great Opportunity for Me

Taking part in the Collections Management for Costumes & Textiles Online Course has been a great opportunity for me. I have learned so much and have had the chance to grow both professionally and personally.

Fionn Zarubica is a great teacher, always present and constantly available to clarify any doubt. The course not only increases one’s knowledge, but it also creates a strong connection and interaction among different people from different cultures.

The whole course has been conducted in a very efficient, productive, dynamic and enthusiastic way. I learned something new every day!

This is the education of the future.

Chiara Gumiero

A Deeper Insight

After attending the Collections Management Certification Program (CMCP), the Collections Management for Costume & Textiles Online program was not only a needed refreshment of the previously gained knowledge, but also a great enhancement of the CMCP program. It gave me a not only a deeper insight into the “secrets” and responsibilities, but also into the rewards of a museum professional’s job. However, the most valuable thing we gained from this course is the possibility to exchange experiences and ideas in an international context, which, I believe, broadened our horizons.

Fionn Zarubica has yet again proved to be a wonderful lecturer and her carefully prepared presentations and materials were treats as much as they were lessons.

Jana Vujnović

A Real Challenge

For an Italian conservator with over 30 years of experience in paintings restoration, as I am, following this course has been a real challenge, because I had to change my way of thinking about artworks and museum professionals.

It has been hard for me at the beginning, because of the language barrier and the topics I knew less about.

Fionn Zarubica has been an excellent teacher: her on-line lessons were very thorough and clear, and the reading materials suggested were always interesting and useful.

She has also been an attentive guide, e.g. underlining when I sometimes misunderstood, the differences between the diverse competences of the museum professions.

Working with people from so many other countries has been an added value to the course, confronting different ways of approaching our daily assignments.

At the end of this course I have to say that I learned quite much about textiles management, and I would like to integrate my knowledge by improving my skills in textile conservation too.

Antonella Malintoppi

Wonderful people from around the world…

Wonderful people from around the world, a great interactive platform for networking and exchanging museum practices. People from different professions focused on better treatment, display, and care of textiles and costumes. An experience you do not want to miss.


A Unique Experience

The Collections Management for Costume & Textiles Online program was a unique experience. Much more personal than online courses usually are, this program is great medium to learn about museum standards of preservation, conservation and protection.

The course introduced me to the role of Collections Manager, improved my knowledge of day to day museum operations and made me familiar with the spheres of museum work that I did not have a chance to learn about before.

Jelena Bojičić

High Quality Content

For me, it was the first time I attended an online course. I appreciated the high quality of the content which was well-explained thanks to simple and appropriate writing. I loved that the group could interface with each other and discussions are always interesting. The course is organized in way to facilitate both learning and application of the subject (even if in a hypothetical way).

The instructor is a lovely helpful and professional guide to all her students. Thank you!

Valentina Zucchelli

Inspired to Believe in Myself Again

Although, I lacked the educational background and experience in costume and textiles, I learnt a lot. I mastered new terminology, read new articles, visited websites and I did many things I wouldn’t do if it weren’t for this course. Topics and homework were interesting, some exercises were more difficult but the allocated time was sufficient to finish everything on time.

Fionn Zarubica was patient enough to reply to every single e-mail I sent. She inspired me to be believe again in myself. I learned to strictly follow instructions and new writing techniques like writing an essay. However, there were times when I wanted to drop out because I didn’t believe I could master it. But the excitement about new topics, and Mrs Fionn’s support made me stay and successfully finish the course.

I would recommend this course to everyone who is looking to broaden their horizons and learn new and interesting things. Even though English is not my mother tongue, I managed to finish the course. So, I think that everyone who has motivation can finish this course regardless of his or her level of English.

I would like to be a part of this active and enthusiastic team again in the future. I am looking forward to new courses.

Zorica Ivanović

Neither too theoretical nor too practical…

My opinion on this course is overall positive. The material provided was very useful and rich of working experience, neither too theoretical nor too practical. The content of lectures was very accurate. The teacher, Fionn, is a person with a strong personality and great patience. It is not easy to lead virtually a group of different people with different backgrounds and different mother tongues trying to do their homework in English. Also, in these months the attention level was always high.

During the course, I had some occasions to discuss with the teacher several times. I appreciated her sincerity and frankness and also the ability to question herself. It’s not easy and it’s not a frequent thing.

Alessandro Sinibaldi

Mira Čonkić

The Collections Management Certification program is one of most useful and interesting parts of my education and experience.  
It made me wonder about how things should be done and how much I need to learn and develop myself to become responsible and professional. It helped me to grow, to learn how things should be done in museums, how to manage collections and that everything could be done if we want to be responsible and devoted to what we do.

Also, it is a pleasant experience that is making big changes in my professional, but also personal life.

A life-changing experience

The Collections Management Certification Program 2015-2016 was, as the title itself states, a life changing experience for me. Not only that I have gained valuable professional skills and knowledge, but, I have grown personally and made life-long friendships. Fionn is a great teacher. She delivers knowledge with high and proficient skills. She makes sure that each and every person understands the knowledge, and also allows each and every person to express his or her attitude and opinion about the matter. From the professional, field-related point of view, I can only give her highest marks for her unselfish transmission of knowledge and experience to us. Apart from professional side of the class content, Fionn has make sure to help us grow personally. She made us feel confident and good about ourselves and she also made us believe that we could be the driving force of change in our community. And she managed that by widening our views on life and existence itself. It is hard to explain by words but every time on her class she made me feel like everything is possible. And last but not the least important is the group of amazing ladies with whom I have attended the program. Beautiful, talented, unique princesses! We have made ties that bind for life, which Fionn helped us strengthen. She made a safe space of our classroom where each on of the princesses could glow in her full beauty. And that is what opened us to each other and that is what will keep us connected forever. At the very end of this review, I have only words of gratitude to Fionn and ladies for this amazing experience and I have to say… this is only a beginning.

Aida Salketić
Sarajevo, B&H

The Collections Management Certification Program

The Collections Management Certification Program 2015-2016 is unique and great program which gave me tools to work on building a healthier environment for myself and therefore for museums. This program has had a huge impact on me. I noticed how I changed perspective of on museum practice. Although I learned a lot about taking care of a museum collection, also I learned about the importance of cooperation with my colleagues to ensure the safety of both the objects the staff members involved. During this course I experienced new approaches of managing museum collections than I have had chance to see in my country, and I find it very useful and applicable in our institutions. Fionn Zarubica, through her assignments, teaches us how to be professionals in the museum field; beside that she gave us tools for personal and professional growth.

Bojana Božić

Making A Difference

Although I heard about this program before from trustworthy professionals, and expected the best from it, my personal firsthand experience exceeded any of my assumptions and expectations in the most positive way. Professor Zarubica transfers her extensive knowledge and rich experience in a clear, interesting and challenging way. She guides her students towards a high level of qualification and expertise, pushes their boundaries, both on a professional and personal level. This program creates good specialists in collections management, and provides them with tools that can be used in all aspects of life. It shifts perspectives from accepting things as they are towards making a difference. The discussions that left the biggest impressions on me were those about ethics and integrity. Those qualities are set as a precondition of professional work. Everything else, the skill, the knowledge and the technique are build upon them. That is a strong foundation for any career. Classes take place in the pleasant and friendly American Corner, which has many attractive and educational programs and contents. All in all, I am very satisfied, proud and grateful to have been a part of it, and I highly recommend it. 

Jasmina Mijić
Belgrade, Serbia

The Collections Management Certification Program

The Collections Management Certification Program is a dynamic and entertaining seminar, developed by Fionn Zarubica. She has different approach than any teacher I have worked with before. As a group she introduced us into collections management. Also, which I am really grateful for, she dedicated her time to work with us as individuals, and help each person with things they are interesting in, or push us to learn more in the field where we have a lack of knowledge. I really enjoyed this program. I had the opportunity to learn a lot of new things closely connected to my profession. Through the lessons and stories from personal experience, our teacher gave us an insight into the work and the good practice of foreign museums. Then, during our visits to Belgrade museums we were able to see where we are compared to them. Now we not only know how to take care of museum objects, but also, equally important is that we learned how to take care of ourselves, how to work on ourselves to become better people and how to be collection managers. 

Belgrade, Serbia

I was a student of…

I was a student of the fourth cycle of the Collections Management Certification Program (CMCP) held in the American corner in Dom Omladine in Belgrade. This program made a great impact on me in terms of received knowledge. First hand information from the top world museums as well as the latest updates on related trends left the greatest impression on me. This made me feel a part of worldwide happenings and gave a hint in which direction I should look. I found CMCP beneficial for all museum professionals in our area and would like to recommend it without reservation.

Ivana Zdravković
Belgrade, Serbia

Collections Management Certification Program

My experience with Fionn Zarubica Learn was a beneficial opportunity to obtain all the necessary and practical knowledge about the work and functioning of a museum. In the friendly atmosphere of the American Corner we studied, discussed and learned about Collections Management. This opportunity has opened my horizons and knowledge that will be useful to me in my career. The Collections Management Certification Program with the wonderful teacher Fionn Zarubica has expanded my views on matters of handling museum objects, organization exhibitions, the running of museums, galleries and also a generally healthy and positive attitude in life that can be implemented in any field or profession. I have changed my perception on how to properly and responsibly manage a museum collection. The greatest part for me was participating in the program with inspiring colleagues from whom I learned so much.

Ana Novaković

All my professional life I

All my professional life I was looking for such an experience. The Collections Management Certification Program is not just a course, and Fionn Zarubica is not just an instructor. It is much more than that. I learned so much about myself through learning about museums and Fionn's charisma made me never forget that. In the pleasant and friendly environment of the American Corner at Dom Omladina, we discovered what needs to be changed in the professional world to make it better. I realized that we need to work together and that cooperation and communication are the key to success. Every day was an inspiration, every word of our mentor a lesson and a message. I believe that everyone who attends this course in this environment wil change their perspective and a way of looking the situation in museums in Serbia and in the world. What is the most important is that I discovered a way to be the best version of myself not only professionally but privately. Thank you Fionn.

Marija Pokrajac
Belgrade, Serbia

Through the Collections Management Certification

Through the Collections Management Certification Program I learned valuable information specific to the museum practice that was unavailable to me in other courses I have taken, and generally in my country. The lectures were a perfect balance of theory and practical methods, and prepared us to become qualified professionals as well as knowledgeable and skilled museum employees. In her inspirational lessons professor Zarubica motivated me to use all my senses while observing, exploring, and discovering both the world of museums and the world inside me. I truly enjoyed all the activities of the program and the pleasant environment of the American Corner. Overall, I am really proud and grateful to have been a part of this course and our wonderful, friendly community.

Ljudmila Đukić

The Collection Management Certification Course

The Collections Management Certification Program not only provided me insight into international standards and practices in the museum field and its dynamics, but also gave us applicable knowledge and guidelines that could enhance the quality of all our future work with art, and primarily caring for collections. The course’s syllabus, together with the invaluable experience Ms. Zarubica heartily shared with us and tours we made through Belgrade’s exhibiting spaces and institutions helped in shaping, or more precisely improving, our professional ethics. The energy and comprehensive care invested in our class, irretrievably influenced a change in our perspectives, which, we hope, will have the further impact on local cultural life.


Collection Management Certification Program had

The Collections Management Certification Program had a great influence on my professional and personal life. In many aspects that influence is more important than anything I learned during my formal education. I learned how I should behave and take care about collections in a museum. Also, I realized how important is the relationship with colleagues and teamwork. It changed my way of thinking and doing things, and now I know how to solve problems more easily and efficiently. A very important change I experienced was in my personal life. Because of this program I become a better, more responsible, more mature and happier person. I learned how to look at life more positively and see opportunities, not obstacles. I am more creative and confident, and know I can make changes and do my future job properly. Every part of this program changed the quality of my life. This influence would not be so impactful if there was not the specific personality of Fionn Zarubica, who made things interesting and memorable. She supported and challenged us to make changes and feel confident and strong; every day was a special and step forward to being a better person, better colleague and better professional.

Mira Čonkić

The Collections Management Certification Program

The Collections Management Certification Program 2015-2016 was truly great experience, that taught me a lot, both on a professional and personal level. The added bonus is that the class was held in American Corner, a very welcoming and user-friendly place, where it was easy to learn, but also have fun and make true friends with other classmates. What stands out the most for me is Fionn Zarubica's approach to teaching, her dedication and connection to us students and incredibly rich course content. I think this course is essential for anyone working or thinking of working in museum or cultural institution, because of the breadth and quality of information Fionn Zarubica shares, as well as her ability to inspire everyone to be a better student, better professional, and ultimately a better person. This program influenced me in more ways than one, but above all, it challenged my perception that a lot is needed for any kind of change in Serbian museums. I now realize that with knowledge gained in this course and armed with positive change in attitude, we can start building healthier, happier centers of culture in our country, one step at the time.


The Collections Management Certification Program

is a unique, new and genuine perspective of work in museums. The experiences and knowledge that I gotten so far are very precious to me. Fionn teaches us selflessly in a completely different way from what we are used to, and this gives a special seal to CMCP. She gives us tools and skills for further work. The program should be required for all professionals and aspiring professionals. I enjoy being one of the participants in CMCP. I learned so much from the special „Good morning” lectures prepared for the beginning of the day. They had made great, positive and precious impact to me, and to my life. I am very thankful to the colleague who recommended course to me and to my newfound and wonderful colleagues , but first and foremost, I want to thank our great teacher, guide and healer Fionn Zarubica.

Jelena Vasić Derimanović
Belgrade, Serbia

Collections Management Training Program Bosnia & Herzegovina

As I expected, during this program I expanded my knowledge on Collections Management concepts, I learned lots of new methods and techniques in object preserving and handling and a more efficient way of preparing exhibitions. I also met a group of people who enriched my life.  But, I did not expected that this would be an experience that was going to change not only my way of thinking about the role of museum and the role of me as an museum professional, but an experience that would change my view on life.   Thanks to this Program I have started thinking about what is wrong with our institutions that makes their work invisible for society.  Do we take the lack of government funding only as an excuse for our own inactivity and ignorance?  Are we even trying to come up with some sustainable model?  I have learned that nothing will ever change if we do not change our approach to the museum. We must make the museum a part of every community member’s life, from the children to the elderly, from the educated to the less educated, from the rich to the poor. That is our responsibility as museum professionals. We must be those who will, by changing ourselves, change the conscience and the values that our society is promoting. By developing ourselves we will develop our society.  I have adopted all these lessons thanks to Fionn. She has shown that she is a great teacher because, above all, she inspired me and motivated me.  They say that you can forget some lessons the teacher has taught you, but you cannot forget how he or she made you feel.


Azra Maslo
Jablanica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

A Great Experience

Applying for this program was an excellent idea for sure. In the past weeks it slowly changed my life. It helped me to grow professionally and personally. I have learned new skills and I got a lot of information about managing collections. This program changed my expectations from the museums. On the other hand it helped me to understand better myself so I can understand my environment. It gave me the strength to fight for the right things. It helped me to love and appreciate myself more. I learned how to organize better my activities. I made lifelong friendship with so many people for such a short period of time. I learned to create and nurture interpersonal relationships. I learned how important I am as individual and also as a part of a group. Fionn is a great teacher; she puts her heart in the things she teaches. I am deeply touched by her approach. Fionn helped us to create safe and reliable environment around us. And of course it was great and fun all the time!

Amra Husika
Kakanj/Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Collections Management Training Program

The Collections Management Training Program – BiH, run by Fionn Zarubica, offered a systematized and detailed program for different kinds of museum professionals. It was run by a person who has practical as well as educational knowledge and skills. I think that this course made a small but significant step in improving museum standards in this region. If it will be re-organized again I will strongly recommend to all colleagues.

Ivana Udovičić
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Collections Management Training Program

The Collections Management Training Program is a very useful program and I learned so much.  The professor has great access to her students and she is very professional.  She created the atmosphere in the classroom in which we felt very good and it was a pleasure to learn in such conditions.  She makes sure that every person understands the material and also allows that every person express his or her opinion about the matter.  It was an honor to attend this program and I recommend to all who wish for a quality education to apply to this program.  Thank you Fionn, you made a difference!!!

Martina Mijić
Sarajevo, BIH

Short confession

As it is in this case, it was in my case also. But when the gift comes from the heart, then the process of receiving is more swift.  This is not an ordinary course; this is definitely more than that. This is not the opportunity only to see a new perspective; this is an opportunity for deep introspection.  If we want the wheel to begin turn, we need to remove all obstacles. And it is an approach that definitely has won me.  Other participants, now my colleagues are also no less or no more than a treasure that I comprehend.  I do not doubt that my dear Fionn has a space in my heart, as all those who taught me and enlightened me, and she will be engraved in my heart, I think forever. 

I once read somewhere: "Do not write your name on the sand, waves will wash it a way, do not write your name in the sky, wind may blow it a way.  Write your name in hearts of people you come in touch with. That is where it will stay."

Merima Ivković

An Approaching “Sphere” of Collections Management

Before I heard your lectures concerning the "Collections Management Training Program" I have had experience with museums as an architect, which is my profession, and as a visitor. The "Collections Management Training Program" and your presented experience have illuminated for me the complexity and liability of museum workers' activities within their institutions; but behind the walls of exhibition spaces and galleries. What visitors do not see is the bulky invisible professional work and effort on handling objects and preparing them for exhibitions.  On the other hand, your lectures have a ready insight into and understanding of Collections Management and transferred me into another reality completely different from my every day professional reality.  I want to thank you also for the enormous amount of inspirational stories that I have heard on your life experience in philosophy, world religions and music. Thank you for a phenomenal six weeks of gatherings and inspiration.  In addition, I frankly believe that management of museums in the region as well as management of other commercial enterprises will be, and the doctrine of project management will be applied in the preparation of exhibitions within museums.

Samira Talić
Sarajevo / Bosnia and Herzegovina

Collections Management Training Program

The Collections Management Training Program was a great experience for me. I have learned many important, meaningful and interesting facts about the museums, the art, the job of the Collections Manager and other important jobs at the museum. I have also learned that, if you have the same vision but a different opinion, with respect for your colleagues, you can make a better job for the museum rather than, your colleagues and you have always the same opinion. This Program is made from different point of view and in a different way than as we learned in college, so it brings a new dimension in thinking, working and making museums as good as they can be for the public, the objects and the employees. I have also made wonderful friendships and met some wonderful people. I am so grateful and delighted for this experience and I would recommend this Program for all museum lovers, whether they work in a museum or just love it.

Thank you Fionn, for sharing with us your knowledge, experience, and joy and for your motivation and help, you provide for us during this training.

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Much more than my expectations

Much more than my expectations. Except learning a lot about the collections, we got one great mentor who has given us a lot of motivation to change so many things in our country and in our institutions. Also, she is a good friend. The team in the program is great and I look forward to our future collaborations.

Dijana Krešić
Mostar/Bosnia and Herzegovina

It is hard to put

It is hard to put in few words all aspects of this experience. For six weeks of lessons in the museum I felt like I am not on this planet anymore. We were all in the class together, present, connected…learning, discussing, working, laughing!  It was not learning by university standards. It was more, learning through real life experience, learning through fun. And I will never forget the things I learned this way.  And most importantly, I made friends and met colleagues from different parts of the country, with different occupations and backgrounds. And we will, for sure, stay connected, on both, private and professional, levels.

Fionn was not only our teacher; she was and will stay our friend!

Tatjana Nikolić
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Intensive but enjoyable training

The Collections Management Training Program is a quality program for museum professionals and for all those who are interested in pursuing a career in museums. Fionn Zarubica, as a teacher and as a person, offers a great, detail oriented knowledge of the subject and a unique perspective on the matter.  She inspires critical thinking and creativity and raises motivation for the professional and personal success of her students.  Fionn is devoted to the transfer of knowledge and prepared to dedicate time to each student who needs her help.  Although she is always highly professional, her sense of humor lightens up every lecture.

Ana Đikoli
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Well-structured Training Program

Well-structured training program with an unusual teaching methodology. Useful experiences, examples of museum practice and events.

Lejla Agić
Sarajevo,Bosnia and Herzegovina

Daring to introduce the change

The Collections Management Training Program in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was held from November 2016 until January 2017, was truly a unique experience in my life. Not only did it affect me, on a professional and personal level, but it also gave me the chance to witness the growth of other participants. Fionn succeeded in helping us advance not only as museum professionals but also provided us with a variety of skills and techniques to cope with everyday life. Despite our strong resistance towards her strict and professional approach, she did not back down and by doing so eventually showed us that we can be what we aspire to be even though we live in the Balkans. Every lesson we had was eye-opening. I feel like I have learned more from her during this short time spent together about the museum world, than I learned in five years of formal education. The assignments were not a delight, they took so much of my time and yet I feel weird about not doing a terminology definition next Monday. The class that ended up being all female was this astonishing mixture of individuals with views and opinions that were completely different and somehow she managed to please us all. Witnessing the progress other ladies made before my eyes made me hope that I had progress at least partially as much as they did. I strongly believe in these amazing ladies and I look forward to seeing their future individual successes. Through this program I have learned much, I saw that I need to learn a lot more but it also made me want to achieve more, made me believe in myself and basically made me fearless. For that I will always be grateful to Fionn and I can only hope that more people from Bosnia and Herzegovina will have the chance to meet her and learn from her.

Lejla Bečar
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Thank you Fionn

As someone who has studied history but not the subject of museology, through this program, I have filled this gap in my education. It opened me to another side, opened new doors and provided me with the knowledge I was looking for. I am so glad I enrolled in this program; it inspired me in many ways. The Collections Management Training Program not only gave me the knowledge, but also so much positive energy and love – just what I needed.

Nevena Grabovac
Sarajevo / BiH

You find what you need in places where you do not look for it…and it comes as a surprise

Changes can turn away a lot of people, but having trust in others may bring about unexpected results.  I strongly believe that no one who attended the program will forget this experience.  It was intensive and time will be needed to process everything.  It seems that after the end of the program only a more intense period is waiting.  Everything learned will have to be passed on to other colleagues and put into practice in museum work.  However, much more time will be needed to think about our lives, feelings, the ways in which we function as human beings, and about how to achieve happiness and acceptance of ourselves. Fionn provided us with a good basis for this inner questioning and reflecting.  Those who stay until the end will realize at some point that this is just where they were supposed to be, and that they received just what they needed without even maybe looking for it.  We as well learned from each other. The group of classmates from the very beginning taught me something really valuable.  Everyone can contribute in some way.  It is so obvious from the outside, but sometimes it is hard to acknowledge it in one’s self.

Participant, 2017
Sarajevo, BiH

Twice with Fionn Zarubica Learn

This is the second course I am taking with Fionn Zarubica Learn. My experience was very good both times. My recommendations!

Ivana Zdravković

Collection Management for Costume and Textiles

I was glad to be part of Collection Management for Costume and Textile training programme from February 2017 to June 2017.

I learned a lot during this programme about collections management, exhibition, documentation, preservation, storage and care. It was a new field for me but my instructor – Ms. Fionn Zarubica – is great and she has helped at every step. I am thankful to her for all her support. Every lecture was a new learning challenge but the programme design and its contents made me more enthusiastic towards the next lecture. The forum has helped all colleagues to be interactive and to share our views and ideas and express ourselves about our cultures. Our Instructor is a master of her field and she has helped both at professionnal and personal level.

Kusum Devi
Chennai/ India

Grab the Opportunity

I highly recommend the Collections Management for Costumes and Textiles Online course. It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn from such a knowledgeable, practical and highly experienced teacher as Fionn Zarubica. The program is thorough, easily managed and works well in the online format.


Valuable Course

The course provided a lot of information on different aspects of collections management and topics that are more broadly connected to the functioning of a museum. It is also suitable for those that do not have prior experience in this field.

It was my first time taking an online course, which was an interesting experience in and of itself. It contributes to forming a better understanding of the value of communication, time and deadlines.

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

An Enriching Course

I came to know about Fionn Zarubica through a friend who recommended I take the “Collections Management For Costume & Textiles Online” course and I am glad I did.

I took this Online course from March 2017 to June 2017. Considering this being an online course, I was wondering how effective this would be. The style of teaching and involving all the participants in the course was unique. The assignments were very enriching not only in the subject matter but also in the essay writing skills. I did not feel any of the drawback of the typical online courses.

Considering the participants being from different parts of the world and different cultures, Fionn handled that beautifully. Her deep knowledge in the museum, collections and various religions & cultures are impressive.

The content and reference materials she provided in the class were excellent and will be a good reference for future.

Even though I am from a Information Technology background, I had been involved in collection management for a non-profit organization. The course was very beneficial not only for textile conservation, but also in general conservation.

Anybody who is considering taking her course, I strongly recommend to go ahead and take the course. Like me, I am sure you will be glad you did.

Ashok Rao

Great Experience

My experience with the program was great. I had an opportunity to find out different perspectives – how it is done in the European and US museums. These examples are good sources of information and very usable. Also we had an opportunity to get additional reading and literature that is informative and helpful. The lectures were easy to follow and informative. I especially liked online course because it is for the first time that I was faced with that kind of learning. It was easy to follow and the best thing was that you have your on pace and time when you decided to work out the assignments. The colleagues enrolled in class were very interesting and we hope that will do some projects in the future together. Fionn Zarubica, our teacher, was strict but fair. That pushed us to be better students, to do our assignments and to have fun with it also.

Pula, Croatia

A True Teacher, Mentor and Colleague

Fionn Zarubica is a true teacher, mentor and colleague that made this program important professionally, as well as personally.  

I truly recommend this professional training course. You will gain knowledge not only in Collections Management, but will also be trained to be focused, observant, collaborative and overall, a high level professional in this field. We learned about many different aspects of working in the museum that I would never expect I will be introduced to, and that I thought it could be learned only by working in the museum environment. Fionn Zarubica is selfless in sharing her rich, impressive knowledge, she is an inspiring and gifted mentor, warm and protective, but really objective and insightful when it comes to dealing with her students. I think I will never forget Fionn Zarubica and this training course, as well as I will never forget my colleagues that I have met on this course. She unified us but at the same time, respected us for our uniqueness. By pushing our comfort zones of thinking and perceiving we first made changes in ourselves, in order to be able to make them in our community. Culture is about respect, community and sharing. It is about presenting beauty, knowledge and heritage that we had the luck to inherit from our ancestors. Fionn Zarubica taught us to understand the value of this inherited gems, the value of presenting them as they deserve to be presented and treated, as well as to value each spectator that is going to be affected and inspired by them. She taught us “Museum Magic” and we have learned many practical and methodological approaches in this training program. I now definitely feel more confident in pursuing a Museum career and strongly feel this vocation on a more humanitarian level.

Maja Radešić
Pula, Croatia

Lifetime Journey

The Collections Management Training Program is a gift, both professionally and personally. A wonderful way to start anew!


A Great Opportunity

The Collections Management Training Program was really useful and interesting for me! It happened by chance that I could attend this course, as I was in the right place at the right time. For my future career it was a great opportunity. The course is useful to becoming a professional in every kind of job, to be more organized, to have a plan in advance for every situation, to be a player in a team and to collaborate with colleagues; for people who are specifically working in museums, institutions and culture it’s perfect! I really learnt a lot from the course and I’m sure that it will help me in the future.

Valeria Caldara
Bari, Italy

This program was more than I could ever expect!

The rich seminar program provided me a good look at the all important informations regarding collection management in general, as well as the informations on textiles, their storage and maintenance. The instructor – dearest Fionn Zarubica, with her positive sunny energy and so much patience, not only that she gave me knowledge on the previously mentioned, she taught me punctuality, professionalism and to have passion for whatever I do in life!

Emina Sarvan
Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

CMCT 2017!

Dear Ones,
The four training modules were very intense. Fionn Zarubica is an exigent trainer but attentive to all of her students. The students could go through all the online sessions, and in the meantime continue their daily jobs and lives. It is great to virtually “meet” some people from various horizons and to be on the same boat for almost five months. We went through passionate topics and were able to gather a ton of articles, practical tips, and feedback from the instructor.

Thank you, Fionn! I hope we could meet personally.

Claire Bigand
Chambéry France