9 Deaths of a Curator – How to Be(come) More Relevant

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The course represents the series of interactive lectures in the form of motivational experiments and exercises with aim to empower young curators and all those who want to start their professional life in the field of culture, arts, heritage or museums. Inspired by the motto Everyone can curate, curator creates, the course offers nine on-line lectures, three interactive workshops and numerous activities in form of assignments, forums and debates in order to exchanges experience, knowledge and inspiration.

The course is a check-list of basic approaches metaphorically interpreted as eight “deaths” (and resurrections) of (future or young) curators and one survival (of responsibility). Following the history of curating and contemporary practices and theories the course is offering the wide insight into curating ways of thinking, models of creating (artistic and cultural) contents and critically observing the existing models of curatorial approaches.

Why dying and surviving? This metaphor refers to the rapidly changing position and role of every curator in contemporary (constantly changing) ways of cultural contexts. Once being a keeper of treasure, curator today became the creator of communication models, network-er, producer of values, social activist, philosopher… Being between theory and practice, scientific background and public role, silent custodian and loud promoter of diverse stands, contemporary curator is continuously updated Frankenstein type of profession.

In that sense, the course is trying to give some basic insights into what the role of curator is today; what are the elements of this profession in contemporary society in the field where past, present and future are intersected as nowhere else. What are the basic elements of this interdisciplinary expertise where all scientific bases are necessary but not decisive elements in terms of successful creation of content? What do we need in order to be(come) creative curators?