SHAME stops here…

A Three-day Wellness Workshop

with Fionn Zarubica

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Shame does not inspire a beneficial path.  It is one of the most corrosive experiences that we create inside of ourselves, and is at the heart of forming and maintaining the belief that we are not enough and that we do not have the right to do what our hearts are encouraging us to do.  It supports the fear of what will happen if we choose to follow our dreams.

This three-part workshop will examine all the facets of shame, discuss how to end its cycles and and how to create a way out.

  • Recognizing Shame
    We will take a look at the various ways – some easy to spot and others less obvious – in which shame works its way into our lives.
  • Understanding Shame
    In this lesson we will discuss the mechanism of shame.  How it gets started, establishes and perpetuates itself, as well as how it affects and is affected by our feelings, perceptions and reactions.
  • Freedom From Shame
    In the final lesson we will learn what steps we can take to find relief and freedom from shame, and how to get back on track with living life in alignment with who we really are.

Through discussions and exercises, you will discover your own power to discern, and also make choices that are right for you; to allow your heart to guide you.

Live a new experience…

Experience freedom from shame!