A Great Experience

Applying for this program was an excellent idea for sure. In the past weeks it slowly changed my life. It helped me to grow professionally and personally. I have learned new skills and I got a lot of information about managing collections. This program changed my expectations from the museums. On the other hand it helped me to understand better myself so I can understand my environment. It gave me the strength to fight for the right things. It helped me to love and appreciate myself more. I learned how to organize better my activities. I made lifelong friendship with so many people for such a short period of time. I learned to create and nurture interpersonal relationships. I learned how important I am as individual and also as a part of a group. Fionn is a great teacher; she puts her heart in the things she teaches. I am deeply touched by her approach. Fionn helped us to create safe and reliable environment around us. And of course it was great and fun all the time!