A life-changing experience

The Collections Management Certification Program 2015-2016 was, as the title itself states, a life changing experience for me. Not only that I have gained valuable professional skills and knowledge, but, I have grown personally and made life-long friendships. Fionn is a great teacher. She delivers knowledge with high and proficient skills. She makes sure that each and every person understands the knowledge, and also allows each and every person to express his or her attitude and opinion about the matter. From the professional, field-related point of view, I can only give her highest marks for her unselfish transmission of knowledge and experience to us. Apart from professional side of the class content, Fionn has make sure to help us grow personally. She made us feel confident and good about ourselves and she also made us believe that we could be the driving force of change in our community. And she managed that by widening our views on life and existence itself. It is hard to explain by words but every time on her class she made me feel like everything is possible. And last but not the least important is the group of amazing ladies with whom I have attended the program. Beautiful, talented, unique princesses! We have made ties that bind for life, which Fionn helped us strengthen. She made a safe space of our classroom where each on of the princesses could glow in her full beauty. And that is what opened us to each other and that is what will keep us connected forever. At the very end of this review, I have only words of gratitude to Fionn and ladies for this amazing experience and I have to say… this is only a beginning.