All my professional life I

All my professional life I was looking for such an experience. The Collections Management Certification Program is not just a course, and Fionn Zarubica is not just an instructor. It is much more than that. I learned so much about myself through learning about museums and Fionn's charisma made me never forget that. In the pleasant and friendly environment of the American Corner at Dom Omladina, we discovered what needs to be changed in the professional world to make it better. I realized that we need to work together and that cooperation and communication are the key to success. Every day was an inspiration, every word of our mentor a lesson and a message. I believe that everyone who attends this course in this environment wil change their perspective and a way of looking the situation in museums in Serbia and in the world. What is the most important is that I discovered a way to be the best version of myself not only professionally but privately. Thank you Fionn.