An Approaching “Sphere” of Collections Management

Before I heard your lectures concerning the "Collections Management Training Program" I have had experience with museums as an architect, which is my profession, and as a visitor. The "Collections Management Training Program" and your presented experience have illuminated for me the complexity and liability of museum workers' activities within their institutions; but behind the walls of exhibition spaces and galleries. What visitors do not see is the bulky invisible professional work and effort on handling objects and preparing them for exhibitions.  On the other hand, your lectures have a ready insight into and understanding of Collections Management and transferred me into another reality completely different from my every day professional reality.  I want to thank you also for the enormous amount of inspirational stories that I have heard on your life experience in philosophy, world religions and music. Thank you for a phenomenal six weeks of gatherings and inspiration.  In addition, I frankly believe that management of museums in the region as well as management of other commercial enterprises will be, and the doctrine of project management will be applied in the preparation of exhibitions within museums.