A Dynamic Program Indeed

The Collections Management for Costume and Textiles Online was a dynamic program indeed. This was the first time I enrolled in an online learning platform and I can say it was really exciting. The best feature of the program was that it compounded clear lessons, information, reading, writing, research and practical work in costume and textile field. One of the greatest challenges, but also the most exciting thing for me, was to define some terms from this discipline, so it should be informative, professional and reduced to its essence, due to word limit. Museum or gallery research was also challenging and fun, as we should have apply gained knowledge on a concrete task and introduce other colleagues with our conclusions. Working with group of professionals from different countries of the world, hearing their experiences and mutually sharing information about costume and textiles, but also museum and culture practice in general, was a real treat. Constant feedback, both from professor Zarubica and other colleagues, was distinct part of this course. I would recommend this program to any current or future museum worker, conservator or student.