A Real Challenge

For an Italian conservator with over 30 years of experience in paintings restoration, as I am, following this course has been a real challenge, because I had to change my way of thinking about artworks and museum professionals.

It has been hard for me at the beginning, because of the language barrier and the topics I knew less about.

Fionn Zarubica has been an excellent teacher: her on-line lessons were very thorough and clear, and the reading materials suggested were always interesting and useful.

She has also been an attentive guide, e.g. underlining when I sometimes misunderstood, the differences between the diverse competences of the museum professions.

Working with people from so many other countries has been an added value to the course, confronting different ways of approaching our daily assignments.

At the end of this course I have to say that I learned quite much about textiles management, and I would like to integrate my knowledge by improving my skills in textile conservation too.