Collection Management Certification Program had

The Collections Management Certification Program had a great influence on my professional and personal life. In many aspects that influence is more important than anything I learned during my formal education. I learned how I should behave and take care about collections in a museum. Also, I realized how important is the relationship with colleagues and teamwork. It changed my way of thinking and doing things, and now I know how to solve problems more easily and efficiently. A very important change I experienced was in my personal life. Because of this program I become a better, more responsible, more mature and happier person. I learned how to look at life more positively and see opportunities, not obstacles. I am more creative and confident, and know I can make changes and do my future job properly. Every part of this program changed the quality of my life. This influence would not be so impactful if there was not the specific personality of Fionn Zarubica, who made things interesting and memorable. She supported and challenged us to make changes and feel confident and strong; every day was a special and step forward to being a better person, better colleague and better professional.