Collections Management Training Program Bosnia & Herzegovina

As I expected, during this program I expanded my knowledge on Collections Management concepts, I learned lots of new methods and techniques in object preserving and handling and a more efficient way of preparing exhibitions. I also met a group of people who enriched my life.  But, I did not expected that this would be an experience that was going to change not only my way of thinking about the role of museum and the role of me as an museum professional, but an experience that would change my view on life.   Thanks to this Program I have started thinking about what is wrong with our institutions that makes their work invisible for society.  Do we take the lack of government funding only as an excuse for our own inactivity and ignorance?  Are we even trying to come up with some sustainable model?  I have learned that nothing will ever change if we do not change our approach to the museum. We must make the museum a part of every community member’s life, from the children to the elderly, from the educated to the less educated, from the rich to the poor. That is our responsibility as museum professionals. We must be those who will, by changing ourselves, change the conscience and the values that our society is promoting. By developing ourselves we will develop our society.  I have adopted all these lessons thanks to Fionn. She has shown that she is a great teacher because, above all, she inspired me and motivated me.  They say that you can forget some lessons the teacher has taught you, but you cannot forget how he or she made you feel.