The Collections Management Certification Program 2013- 2014, which I had the privilege to be a part of, was a precious experience. During this course I had the chance to learn and grow, not only professionally, but also on a private level.

Attending the CMCP proved to be just what a young and unexperienced museum professional like me needed In order to gain the real insight into what my job should look like. What is more, CMCP made it much more clear to me how I should approach and deal with various situations and problems at work professionally and with integrity.

Fionn Zarubica led us through the course sharing her knowledge and expertise in such a way that, while giving us concrete information on certain topics, and simple, but precise assignments, she also managed to make us learn from each other and from ourselves. She helped us question our own methods of work and learn to become more precise, effective, and responsible in whatever we do.