An Opportunity to Grow on a Professional Level

After taking and successfully finishing the Collections Management Certification Program in 2015, the Collections Management for Costume and Textiles Online program was the next logical step in my career path. This course gave me the opportunity to grow on a professional level experiencing an outstanding level of mentorship provided by Fionn Zarubica, and through the interaction with the lovely people with whom I attended this course.

The form of interesting, substantial, yet brief lectures in the combination with clear and applicable tasks proved to be an excellent concept for a learning platform.

The knowledge I have gained through this program, to me as an inexperienced future museum professional is of a great value, due to its overcoming of the established and implementing up to date practice in the collections management vocation, all in order to better understand and preserve a costume and textile collection.

I would recommend this course to anyone who is pursuing the career in the museum business.