I am a curator who attended The Collections Management Certification Program, in Belgrade Serbia, 2015. which has been organized by The Fionn Zarubica Foundation For Art And Culture and supported by the US Embassy in Belgrade. I am writing a short testimonial for this course to encourage the interested people from the museum and heritage protection institutions and students who aspire to enter this profession, to attend it.

The Collections Management Certification Program was realized through the period of eleven weeks, partialized into three sessions, through the course of a year. Each session was dealing with the complexity of a wide variety of collections problematics. The initial phase was primarily focused on the essential issues of the problem of care of collections, within institutions. Afterwards, during the Session II, we had interesting practical exercises in working with objects and theoretical public aspects of collections through exhibitions and loans, in the last segment, in Session III, we received a significant insight into the system of protecting and preserving museological treasures. The thematic approach was fundamentally based on preventive conservation, art registration methods, secure art handling, packing, storing, transportation, and creative exhibition planning, mount making, installation and de-installation. The participants of the course were from different professional backgrounds, so it was a really precious experience to collaborate with them and exchange ideas. What inspired me the most was the fact that I received constant relevant feedback, on a daily basis, about my developing in various domains, from my professor Fionn Zarubica. At the end, all participants received a professional certification, which is a valuable, and a deeply motivating acknowledgement of qualifications for implementing valid solutions in diverse spheres, in international institutions.