Short confession

As it is in this case, it was in my case also. But when the gift comes from the heart, then the process of receiving is more swift.  This is not an ordinary course; this is definitely more than that. This is not the opportunity only to see a new perspective; this is an opportunity for deep introspection.  If we want the wheel to begin turn, we need to remove all obstacles. And it is an approach that definitely has won me.  Other participants, now my colleagues are also no less or no more than a treasure that I comprehend.  I do not doubt that my dear Fionn has a space in my heart, as all those who taught me and enlightened me, and she will be engraved in my heart, I think forever. 

I once read somewhere: "Do not write your name on the sand, waves will wash it a way, do not write your name in the sky, wind may blow it a way.  Write your name in hearts of people you come in touch with. That is where it will stay."