The Collections Management Certification Program

The Collections Management Certification Program is a dynamic and entertaining seminar, developed by Fionn Zarubica. She has different approach than any teacher I have worked with before. As a group she introduced us into collections management. Also, which I am really grateful for, she dedicated her time to work with us as individuals, and help each person with things they are interesting in, or push us to learn more in the field where we have a lack of knowledge. I really enjoyed this program. I had the opportunity to learn a lot of new things closely connected to my profession. Through the lessons and stories from personal experience, our teacher gave us an insight into the work and the good practice of foreign museums. Then, during our visits to Belgrade museums we were able to see where we are compared to them. Now we not only know how to take care of museum objects, but also, equally important is that we learned how to take care of ourselves, how to work on ourselves to become better people and how to be collection managers.