Collections Management Training Program

The Collections Management Training Program was a great experience for me. I have learned many important, meaningful and interesting facts about the museums, the art, the job of the Collections Manager and other important jobs at the museum. I have also learned that, if you have the same vision but a different opinion, with respect for your colleagues, you can make a better job for the museum rather than, your colleagues and you have always the same opinion. This Program is made from different point of view and in a different way than as we learned in college, so it brings a new dimension in thinking, working and making museums as good as they can be for the public, the objects and the employees. I have also made wonderful friendships and met some wonderful people. I am so grateful and delighted for this experience and I would recommend this Program for all museum lovers, whether they work in a museum or just love it.

Thank you Fionn, for sharing with us your knowledge, experience, and joy and for your motivation and help, you provide for us during this training.

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