You find what you need in places where you do not look for it…and it comes as a surprise

Changes can turn away a lot of people, but having trust in others may bring about unexpected results.  I strongly believe that no one who attended the program will forget this experience.  It was intensive and time will be needed to process everything.  It seems that after the end of the program only a more intense period is waiting.  Everything learned will have to be passed on to other colleagues and put into practice in museum work.  However, much more time will be needed to think about our lives, feelings, the ways in which we function as human beings, and about how to achieve happiness and acceptance of ourselves. Fionn provided us with a good basis for this inner questioning and reflecting.  Those who stay until the end will realize at some point that this is just where they were supposed to be, and that they received just what they needed without even maybe looking for it.  We as well learned from each other. The group of classmates from the very beginning taught me something really valuable.  Everyone can contribute in some way.  It is so obvious from the outside, but sometimes it is hard to acknowledge it in one’s self.