Assignments – Session I – Week 1

DUE: Tuesday

Classroom Discussions

Art vs. Artifact

  • Read assigned articles and be prepared to discuss the questions of Art vs. Artifact referencing the required reading.

Can You Have Too Many Treasures?

  • Read assigned article and be prepared to discuss the question Can You Have Too Many Treasures referencing the required reading

DUE: Thursday

Essay – What Art Is Not

  • There is no absolute answer to this question because there are a lot of ways to think about and approach art, and each of us, with our various frames of reference and backgrounds, is able to bring something unique to the table. We are going to take an apophatic (from the Greek apophatikos – a knowledge obtained through negation) approach to this assignment. That means that you need to tell me what art is not without EVER saying anything about what it is.


    To be written in prose or poetic form, but no bullet points.

    • 200 – 250 Words
    • Please upload the completed assignment in PDF format here by 8:00 a.m., Thursday 
    • Be prepared to read and discuss your work in class

DUE: Friday

Museum Visit

  • Based on the discussions this week, prepare 3 questions in advance about the museum we will visit and discuss your findings (answers to your questions) with the class

DUE: Monday

Writing Assignment

Mission Statement

  • Using the links below, go to the museum websites, locate and read their mission statements
  • Write a mission statement for the museum or institution where you work now
  • The statement must be between 40 and 150 words.  No more no less
  • If you do not work at a cultural institution now, create one and include a brief description of your imaginary institution
  • Please upload the completed assignment here in PDF format by 9 a.m. Monday
  • Be prepared to discuss your museum and answer your classmates' questions


 A Mission Statement 

  • Reflects the strategic thinking of the organization’s leaders
  • Defines an appropriate role for the institution
  • Reveals the institution’s understanding of the environment in which it exists
  • The relevance of the role it has selected for itself
  • Its relationships to its constituencies
It should inspire while being clear and to the point and answer the following questions:
  • Who are we
  • What do we do
  • Why do we (the institution) do what we do
  • How do we do these things
  • For whom do we do these things
  • How do we make a difference in society
List of Museums