Assignments – Session I – Week 2

Required Reading – Text/Articles/Online

Discussion Board

  • Website Review
  • What Art “Is”



1. Forum: Mission Statement

  • Using the links below, go to the museum websites, locate and read their mission statements
  • Write a mission statement for the museum or institution where you work now
  • The statement must be between 40 and 150 words.  No more no less
  • If you do not work at a cultural institution now, create one and include a brief description of your imaginary institution
  • Upload as a PDF to the Mission Statement Forum by Midnight Sunday (CET)
  • Be prepared to discuss in class


1. Class Discussion: Issues of Provenance


1. Class Discussion: Issues of Repatriation

  • Read assigned article and be prepared to discuss. 

The Los Angeles Times, November 4, 2011, “The Getty Museum is in a legal fight over Armenian Bible pages”, by Mike Boehm


1. Website Review

  • Select a museum website from the list of museums below
  • Select a collection within the museum you have chosen
  • Write a report answering the following questions.
  1. How important do you think museum websites are in educating the public about and introducing them to museum collections?
  2. How successfully do you think your museum uses its website for this purpose?
  3. Were you able to determine the names and titles of staff members associated with the collection you chose? If so, list them.
  4. If an exhibition from the collection you have chosen is currently on view at your museum, describe and discuss it
  5. What do you think is the focus of this collection? How did you come to this conclusion?
  6. Based on its presentation on the website, how important a part of the museum do you think your chosen collection is?
  7. Were you able to determine whether there are any sorts of resources available either to the public or the academic or professional community for conducting research at your institution? If so, please discuss
  8. Did you discover any additional features related to the collection? If so, please discuss them
  9. Include any additional comments, impressions or questions you may have about your institution in general
  • Be prepared to discuss your museum and answer your classmates’ questions
List of Museums


1. Essay: What is Art and Why Should We Protect and Preserve It?

250 – 400 words

  • Reflecting on the the lessons and discussions of Session I, write an essay on what you think art is, and why you think we should protect and preserve it.  Make sure you clearly answer both questions.
  1. What is art
  2. Why should we protect and preserve it
  • Upload as a PDF to the What Is Art Forum by Midnight Thursday
  • Be sure to adhere to the word limit