Assignments – Session II – Week 1

Required Reading

Recommended Reading

  • Guidelines for Selecting Solid-State Lighting for Museums
    James R. Druzik and Stefan W. Michalski
    September 2011

SSL-Guidelines-Ver.-10.0 (PDF)

  • Caution Urged When Considering LED Light Sources For Light-sensitive Materials
    Dale Paul Kronkright conservator Okeeffe Museum

Caution Urged LEDs (PDF)

  • Museum Lighting Research: Lighting Case Studies
    The Getty Conservation Institute

The Forum

1. Forum – Essays – Relative Humidity and Light Forum

DUE: Wednesday at Midnight (CET)

See instructions below.

The Classroom

DUE: Monday

Personal Development Plan Presentation
1. Class Presentation
  • Prepare a 10 minute presentation 


    • Present in English
    • Entertain Your Audience, in other words “be interesting”
    • Use your 10 minutes fully
    • Describe your project clearly
    • Explain the challenge – why was it hard/easy to do?
    • Detail how you went about making the improvement
    • Discuss how it made a difference to you, the people around you and at your work
    • Answer questions from your classmates – 5 minutes
    • You may use any form of media or visual aid to make your presentation.  You may use PowerPoint, sing, dance, perform Yoga, read your writings, show your art, etc.

DUE: Tuesday

2. Review – Collection Management, Archives, Conservation and Web Publishing Software Solutions

  • Take a virtual tour of this company’s website and be prepared to discuss your impressions.



DUE: Wednesday

3. Case Study: The Preparation of Condition Reports for Costume and Textiles at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

  • Read assigned case study and be prepared to discuss

Case Study: The Preparation of Condition Reports for Costume and Textiles at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art
by Catherine C. McLean and Susan R. Schmalz

DUE: Wednesday at Midnight

4. Essays – Relative Humidity and Light (two essays on one page)

  • After completing the reading write two paragraphs, 150 – 200 words each, one on each topic and in the third person, discussing:

1. The relationship between RH and Temperature
2. The different kinds of light sources (i.e.. incandescent, fluorescent, etc.) available and which are best used in a) storage b) gallery c) office within a museum

Use whatever resources you can find to get your information

Make sure that a lay person and also a 14 year old can understand what you are talking about.

Post as a PDF on the Essays – Relative Humidity and Light Forum

DUE: Friday

5. Read and be prepared to discuss

DUE: Monday

6. Download/Order Catalogues From Vendors

  • Go to  There click on Resources/ Museum Resources/Archival Products. Go to the website of each of the suppliers and/or vendors provided and either download their catalogues from the web (if available).

    Be prepared to discuss your impressions about their websites, ease of access, availibility of information and experiences with the class.