Assignments – Session II – Week 1

Required Reading

Recommended Reading



Terminology Definition

Definition of one art term of your choice. 70 words or less.

  • Select one term from chart "A-B" (See link to Terminology Charts in the sidebar)
  • Define your chosen term
  • Research for and include an example (image)
  • Provide full citations for both the content and the image using MLA style citations
    For instructions writing MLA style citations please visit: 
    Cornell University Library, MLA Citation Style,
  • To cite digital images, it is recommended you use this online digital image citation engine:
  • Post your definition as a PDF attachment on the discussion board in the forum titled Terminology Definition

Please note: 

  • The definition must be in your own words and written in the third person
  • Professionally presented
  • No term may be repeated
  • Each student is required to keep a record of what their classmates have previously posted in current and previous weeks
  • If two students choose the same term in the same week, the post of the student who posts first will remain, and the other student will be required to post another term before the deadline
  • Write for a 14 year old.
  • Do not introduce new terms that also require a definition

DUE: Monday by Midnight (CET)
Comments on at least three of your classmates' terminology definitions due Tuesday by midnight (CET)


Read and be prepared to discuss in class on Wednesday:


Read and be prepared to discuss in class on Thursday:


Essays – Relative Humidity and Light (two essays on one page)

  • Write two paragraphs, 150 – 200 words each, one on each topic and in the third person, discussing: 
  1. The relationship between RH and Temperature 
  2. The different kinds of light sources (i.e.. incandescent, fluorescent, etc.) available and which are best used in a) storage b) gallery c) office within a museum

Use whatever resources you can find to get your information. 

Make sure that a 14 year old can understand.

DUE: Thursday at Midnight (CET)
Comments on your classmates' schedules due Friday by midnight

DUE: Monday

Download/Order Catalogues From Vendors

  • Go to  There click on Resources/ Museum Resources/Archival Products. Go to the website of each of the suppliers and/or vendors provided and either download their catalogues from the web (if available).

    Be prepared to discuss your impressions about their websites, ease of access, availibility of information and experiences with the class.