Assignments – Session III, Week 2


Required Reading 

DUE: Tuesday (Monday at Midnight (CET))

1. Exhibition Planning Worksheet

  • Taking into consideration all that we have learned regarding the exhibition process, and using the worksheet provided below, draft an exhibition schedule that successfully adapts the class presentation to the realities of your institution.  If you are not at an institution now, you may base it on somewhere you have worked or create a fictional institution that accurately reflects what might be true for the Balkan region.

  • Include an introductory paragraph which outlines the following information:

    • What is the show about

    • How many pieces are in the show

    • What media are the pieces comprised of

    • How big is the space

    • How many pieces are coming in on loan and from how many separate institutions

    • Which venue(s) will it travel to 

  • Post your completed worksheet as a PDF by Monday at Midnight (CET) on the Exhibition Planning Worksheet Forum

Exibition Planning Worksheet

2. Required Reading

  • Read the linked document "Exhibiton Proposal and be prepared to discuss in class

Exhibition Proposal

Worksheets due Monday at Midnight CET
Required Reading due Tuesday in discussion session
Comments on at least three of your classmates' Worksheets due Tuesday at Midnight (CET)

DUE: Wednesday

DUE: Thursday (Wednesday at Midnight (CET))

1. Labels

  • Select a major work of art (known by everyone) 

  • Referring to the Required Reading "Labeling Guidlines" write an object label for it.

  • Post your completed label as a PDF by Wednesday at Midnight (CET) on the Exhibition Label Forum

​2. Labelling Guidelines

  • Read Labeling Guidelines and be prepared to discuss

Labeling Guidelines

Due Wednesday at Midnight CET
Comments on at least three of your classmates' Exhibitions Labels due Thursday at Midnight (CET)

DUE: Friday (Thursday at Midnight)

Museum Visit

  • Based on the discussions this week, prepare 3 questions in advance about the museum we will visit and discuss your findings (answers to your questions) with the class

Due Thursday at Midnight CET

DUE: Monday (Sunday at Midnight(CET))

Write an Introductory Didactic Wall Panel

  • Select an exhibition at a museum, past or present, and write the introductory didactic wall panel that you would write if you were the curator 

  • You may use any existing information as research but must write the panel in your own words

  • Remember to make it engaging and enticing while also informative

  • Consider the audience and speak to every person from every cultural frame and of every educational and socio-economic level

  • Post your didactic wall panel as a PDF by Sunday at Midnight (CET) on the Didactic Wall Panel Forum

Due Sunday at Midnight CET
Comments on at least three of your classmates' Didactic Wall Panels due Monday at Midnight (CET)