CMCP Assignments – Session II – Week 1

DUE: Monday Session II

Personal Development Plan Diary

The personal development plan diary is due the first day of class in Session II 


Write a diary for eight consecutive weeks.  Fit your eight consecutive weeks into whatever dates work best for you.  You are welcome to make more frequent entries, but every two weeks for eight weeks is the minimum required.

  • Submit your diary by the first day of class at 9:00 AM – Monday of Session II – in an attached document by email to
Class Presentation Instructions:
  • Present in English
  • Entertain Your Audience, in other words "be interesting"
  • Use your 10 minutes fully
  • Describe your project clearly
  • Explain the challenge – why was it hard/easy to do?
  • Detail how you went about making the improvement
  • Discuss how it made a difference to you, the people around you and at your work
  • Answer questions from your classmates

You may use any form of media or visual aid to make your presentation.  You may use powerpoint, sing, dance, perform Yoga, read your writings, show your art, etc.

DUE: Tuesday

Written Report

Write one paragraph, 150 – 200 words discussing something that has shifted in your view based on the lessons and discussions so far.

DUE: Wednesday

Assigned Reading

Indoor Generated Pollutants

What effect does exposure to indoor air pollutants have on a museum’s collections? 

What are the effects from exposure to pests in a museum’s collection?

  • After reading the articles
  1. Identify materials, products or activites that affect the air quality in your personal environment.  Name at least three things you think contribute to reduced air quality, and what you think you can do to improve the situation
  2. Recall an experience you have had with an insect infestation and how you dealt with it
  3. Be prepared to discuss

DUE: Thursday

Assigned Reading

Unravelling Textiles: A Handbook for the Preservation of Textile Collections
by Foekje Boersma pages 31 – 45

What effects do exposure to temperature and humidity have on a museum’s collections?

Written Report

Write one paragraph, 150 – 200 words and in the third person, discussing:

  • The relationship between RH and Temperature
  • Email your written report to
  • Be prepared to discuss and answer your classmates' questions

Note: ​Make sure that a lay person can understand what you are talking about.

DUE: Friday

Definition of one textile term of your choice. 70 words or less.

Please note, the definition must be: 

  • In your own words
  • Written in the third person
  • Professionally presented

DUE: Friday by 9:00 a.m. (CET)

DUE: Monday (Week 2)

Essay – The Programming Document

Write one paragraph, 150 – 200 words and in the third person

  • Read the Programming Document
  • Tell us your reactions to the Programming Document in light of what we have learned so far and your background in the field. Please be specific and give specific examples. If you have hands-on experience in this field, share your real-world experiences with us. If you don't have working experience in this field share what surprised or confused you.

Programming Document Celsius

DUE: Monday at 9:00 a.m. (CET)