CMCP Assignments – Session II, Week 3

DUE: Wednesday 

  • Read assigned case study and be prepared to discuss​

​Case Study: The Preparation of Condition Reports for Costume and Textiles at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art
by Catherine C. McLean and Susan R. Schmalz

DUE: Thursday

National Museum of the American Indian – Integrating Preventive Conservation

  • Read assigned article and view videos and be prepared to discuss what stood out to you

Integrating Preventive Conservation_NMAI (article)
National Museum of the American Indian: Moving the Collections (videos)

DUE: Friday

Museum Visit

  • Based on the discussions this week, prepare 3 questions in advance about the museum we will visit and discuss your findings (answers to your questions) with the class

DUE: Monday

Update on personal development plan…where are you today?

  • Be prepared to discuss​

Read assigned article and be prepared to discuss​