CMCP Assignments – Session II, Week 4

DUE: Monday

Update on personal development plan…where are you today?

  • Be prepared to discuss

Read assigned article and be prepared to discuss​

DUE: Tuesday

Required Reading – Online:

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
“Storage Mounts for Costume Accessories”

Be sure to read the entire article and click on and read all of the links:

  • Hats and headwear
  • Fans and hand screens
  • Combs and hair ornaments
  • Handbags
  • Gloves and wristlets
  • Hand muffs and warmers
  • Shoes and footwear
  • Parasols
  • Corsets and shaping structures
  • Materials
  • Suppliers

Be prepared to discuss.

DUE: Wednesday

When Disaster Strikes

  • Read assigned articles and be prepared to discuss referencing the required reading

Art In America, October 31, 2012 "Chelsea Galleries Hit Hard by Storm Sandy" by Brian Boucher

The Guardian, October 31, 2012 "New York's Art World Counts the Damage Done by Hurricane Sandy" by John Hind

DUE: Thursday

Risk Management Hypothetical

  • Based on what you have learned so far, read the following questions, pick one that you would like to answer, and share your plan with the class (5 minutes)
  1. You work at an historic house museum located in a downtown urban area. You have just learned that an office building next to your museum is planning a major renovation.
    What are your possible risks and how will you mitigate them?
  2. You are looking for new off-site storage, you visit several sites to evaluate them for security climate control, etc.  
    What specific factors will you consider from the point of view of disaster mitigation?
  3. You receive a call from your security that the river that runs by your museum has risen, your depot is flooding and already has an inch of water.  Predictions are that the river will continue to rise and the flooding will worsen.   The depot houses rare books, print objects, band baskets in addition to other media.
    Outline the steps needed to respond to the emergency and then to mitigate the damage

DUE: Monday Session III

Memorabilia Exhibition

For a period of 8 consecutive weeks anytime between now and 4.May, 2015

  • Collect 8 pieces of graphic memorabilia that is not bigger than a loaf of bread
  • Collect 1 each week – no more, no less
  • Document when and where you acquired it
  • Create digital copies of the objects
  • Curate a slideshow exhibition that tells a story about you
  • Make sure that you tell us something we didn’t know before and that we “leave” your exhibition having learned something about you
  • Make sure that the slideshow can "stand on its own", and that you are not a necessary element (as presenter) to helping us understand your story
  • Your story can be big or small, personal or impersonal, but it has to be about you
  • Bring the original memorabilia with you to share with the class
  • Email me your acquisition documentation before the first day of class
  • You will have 10 minutes to present your show