CMCP Assignments – Session III, Week 1


DUE: First Day, Session III

Memorabilia Exhibition

For a period of 8 consecutive weeks anytime between now and 4.May, 2015

  • Collect 8 pieces of graphic memorabilia that is not bigger than a loaf of bread
  • Collect 1 each week – no more, no less
  • Document when and where you acquired it
  • Create digital copies of the objects
  • Curate a slideshow exhibition that tells a story about you
  • Make sure that you tell us something we didn’t know before and that we “leave” your exhibition having learned something about you
  • Make sure that the slideshow can "stand on its own", and that you are not a necessary element (as presenter) to helping us understand your story
  • Your story can be big or small, personal or impersonal, but it has to be about you
  • Bring the original memorabilia with you to share with the class
  • Email me your acquisition documentation before the first day of class
  • You will have 10 minutes to present your show

DUE: Thursday

Classroom Discussion – Part 1


Click on and read the Tweets in each category:

  • Is a museum a school
  • Is a museum political
  • Is a museum truthful
  • Is a museum fun
  • Is a museum for everyone

Pick one favorite statement from each category and tell the us why it is your favorite.

Classroom Discussion – Part 2:

Sam Durant, the 2013 Getty Artists Program invitee, is a multimedia artist whose work explores the relationships between politics and culture. His socially engaged practice addresses subjects as diverse as the civil rights movement, Southern rock music, and modernism.

‚ÄčFor his project, What #isamuseum?, Durant continues to investigate these ideas by engaging Museum visitors and staff in an exploration of the roles and functions of a museum. Through a call-and-response format, visitors discover a series of artist-designed questions placed in unexpected locations throughout the Getty Center. With these questions, Durant invites reflections on and responses to the expectations and preconceptions of what a museum is.

  1. Be prepared to discuss the following question:

Is Sam Durant's project an exhibit? 


DUE: Friday

Classroom Discussion

  • Read assigned articles and be prepared to discuss referencing the required reading.

Opinion: Why I hate museums
By James Durston, CNN
August 22, 2013 — Updated 1718 GMT (0118 HKT)

Opinion: High Culture Goes Hands-On
Published: August 10, 2013

DUE: Sunday/Monday

Essay: What An Exhibition Is NOT

There is no absolute answer to this question because there are a lot of ways to think about and approach exhibitions, and each of us, with our various frames of reference and backgrounds, is able to bring something unique to the table. We are going to take an apophatic (from the Greek apophatikos – a knowledge obtained through negation) approach to this discussion. Please feel free to be technical, creative and/or outrageous (yet tasteful), and really enjoy the exercise! 

  • May be written in prose or poetic form, but no lists or bullet points please. 
  • Must be 250 – 500 words, single spaced, 12 pt. font 
  • Be prepared to read your essay to the class.
  • Please upload your essay as a PDF by Midnight (CET) to the Essay: What An Exhibition Is NOT Forum
  • Comment on at least three of your classmates' essays (after class and before midnight)

Essays due Sunday at Midnight CET
Comments on your classmates' essays due Monday at Midnight (CET)