CMCP Assignments – Session III, Week 3

Kolo Clara Isabel2

Daughters Isabel and Clara (the two in the middle) dancing Kolo

Required Reading 

Required Viewing

Reigning Men: Fashion in Menswear, 1715–2015 | LACMA

DUE: Tuesday

Required Reading/Viewing

  • Read the linked article, view the linked video and be prepared to discuss in class

The Art Of Dressing: Reigning Men (article)
Reigning Men: Fashion in Menswear, 1715–2015 | LACMA (video)

Required Reading/Viewing due Tuesday in discussion session

DUE: Wednesday


  • Read the assigned articles and be prepared to discuss in class

Why museums need more art lending
Grounded: the great art treasures that no longer go out on the road
Grumpy Art Historian: Loan damage
Miró On Loan Damaged At Tate Modern

Required Reading/Viewing due Wednesday in discussion session

DUE: Thursday (Wednesday at Midnight (CET))

Article For Children's Art History Book 

  • Select an object or a genre of objects from your own culture
  • Write a 400 – 500 word article for a 12 year old child
  • Describe the history use and context of the object or genre of objects
  • Make sure you fully explain the subject while keeping your language easy and accessible without condescending or treating the reader as "cute" or limited
  • Post your article as a PDF by Wednesday at Midnight (CET) on the Article For Children's Art History Book Forum

Due Wednesday at Midnight CET
Comments on at least three of your classmates' articles due Thursday at Midnight (CET)

DUE: Friday (Thursday at Midnight)

Museum Visit

  • Based on the discussions this week, prepare 3 questions in advance about the museum we will visit and discuss your findings (answers to your questions) with the class
  • Post your questions as a PDF by Thursday at Midnight (CET) on the Museum Visit Forum

Due Thursday at Midnight CET

DUE: Monday (Sunday at Midnight(CET))

Volunteering Experience Review

  • Describe your overall experience
  • Describe details including but not limited to:

– Staff interraction and support
– Patron interraction and behaviour
– Feelings about being in that role
– Relevance of the position inmuseums generally

  • Post your review as a PDF by Sunday at Midnight (CET) on the Volunteering Expereince Review Forum

Due Sunday at Midnight CET
Comments on at least three of your classmates' reviews due Monday at Midnight (CET)