CMCP Assignments – Session III, Week 4

Required Reading 

DUE: Tuesday


Read the following articles and be prepared to discuss in class

The Armand Hammer Museum of Art Sells its Leonardo…

National Academy Museum in New York expected a backlash when its board decided to sell two Hudson River School paintings for around $15 million…

Required Reading due Tuesday in the discussion session

DUE: Wednesday


  • ​Read assigned article and be prepared to discuss in class

Museums Begin Returning Artifacts to India in Response to Investigation
Greek Government Rejects Amal Clooney’s Report; Drops Legal Action Against Britain for Return of Parthenon Marbles

Required Reading due Wednesday in the discussion session



DUE: Thursday

New Paradigms In Business Management

Required Reading due Thursday in the discussion session

DUE: Friday (Thursday at Midnight (CET))

Review The Program

– Program Impact (please describe the impact on you of the program curriculum and activities, including  change of attitude or knowledge)
– Please describe the issues discussed that made the greatest impression on you and why.
– Anything else

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Due Thursday at Midnight CET